Portfolios: Showcasing the Best Assets

Julissa Marin, MHA
2 min readFeb 7, 2022

I am in the business of marketing myself for free. This is how I have decided to present my finest work:

  1. Publish — no matter how rough a draft may look to you, publish! Start a Medium blog and document the best tips you come across. The more you practice, the more you grasp. As Elizabeth Bennet advised Mr. Darcy:

Perhaps you should take your aunt’s advice and practice?

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2. Create a GitHub. With a simple Youtube search, a plethora of how-to videos will show how to publish your mediocre code. Apologies, projected there in that last bit.

3. Tableau or not to Tableau? That is a rather silly question. With the free public version, start creating brilliant data visualizations. If you are in need of guidance, look at the trending reports and discover.

4. Twitter is for winners. Let me say this — short, sweet, simple. Link your published Medium articles with hashtags and re-tweet resources and content. Check out Teneika Askew!

5. LinkedIn organizes your professional experience and has a cool function for adding individual projects. Take advantage and let your connects know of your accomplishments.

6. Are you a published author? GoogleScholar can link your work from journals so the world can see some of your contributions.

7. Plug your work seamlessly. Notice how I linked some of my profiles? Make sure to give yourself flowers and have fun showing off your work.

Online presence is akin to journaling where your first posts can come back to haunt you or…perhaps we take the silver-lining approach and think “wow, look at how far I have come!” There is a lot of energy and time Data Analysts put into their first project and it's important to show what we learned and how we continue to grow. What other resources and tools have you come across?



Julissa Marin, MHA

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